Welcome to The Raw Cuts, unarchived works derived from Draven Midnight’s private music archive.

Here, we’ll explore the journey of the solo artist’s career digging all the way back to the seeds of inspiration planted as a wet-behind the ears, angsty, teenage guitarist, all the way up through becoming a reckless, self-involved rocker chaotically drawn to dabbling into psychic/ESP & alchemical arts flirting with disaster as if belonging to the dreaded Dead At 27 Club in his early to mid 20’s, finally to his departure from home town San Diego and rude awakening arrival of what life’s like in Los Angeles as bassist for an elusive, multi-platinum, producer’s project.

These are the tracks that were recovered from a DEVASTATING ELECTRICAL SURGE that DESTROYED YEARS OF WORK.

Over 100 original compositions, scratch recordings originally intended to only be shared with live musician’s for rehearsal purposes, NOT NECESSARILY to be released as RADIO READY material, were all nearly lost when faulty wiring in home recording studio FRIED the drive on a custom PC recording rig built by the artist.